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Alexander and Jacob 

What makes Alexander and Jacob special is the uniqueness and quality of every collection.  

The company exclusively manufactures the fabric used, the jacquard, and selects colors and printing patterns to the highest of standards. 

Each collection is designed to be worn every season and for every style, with designs to suit every personality. Comfort and elegance, are the words that define their timeless collection with the most beautiful attention to detail.


We have the entire Alexander and Jacob collection available for your viewing in our showrooms in Fashion City, Dublin.  If you are interested in adding Alexander and Jacob to your boutique collection please phone Michael Byrne any time on (01) 429 5100 or reach out via email

Italian Style Icon Maria Bellentani

Unit 2, Fashion City, M50 Business Park, Ballymount, Dublin 24, Ireland, D24H940

Tel: (01) 429 5100

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