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Maria Bellentani

Italy is renowned for its fashion, it is the home of world-renowned designers, fabric houses and manufacturers.  Fashion and Italy are synonymous.

We are absolutely delighted to share with you some of this rich Italian fashion heritage in the form of Maria Bellentani.


The design of Maria Bellentani clothing is influenced and named after the maternal grandmother of the founders. A woman who herself was a style icon in her time and who expressed her beauty through her style.   A strong authentic independent woman, a reflection of those who love to dress in Maria Bellentani today.

Based in Modena, but influenced by the world, Maria Bellentani designs always represent new colours, materials, and styles. Offering beautiful and unique collections, season after season.

Maria Bellentani designs are centred around the belief that being yourself is the best form of style. New combinations of colours and fabrics, contrast on every level, and unusual looks are what define Maria Bellentani and make it such a hugely popular label in the boutiques and fashion houses of Ireland.

What we also love about Maria Bellentani is that their collections include clothes for work, beautiful garments for an elegant occasion, and of comfortable pieces for your downtime – something for every day, every adventure, and all designed to make you feel great.


We have the entire Maria Bellentani collection available for your viewing in our showrooms in Fashion City, Dublin.  If you are interested in adding Maria Bellentani to your boutique collection please phone Jacky any time on (01) 429 5100 or reach out via email

Italian Style Icon Maria Bellentani

Unit 2, Fashion City, M50 Business Park, Ballymount, Dublin 24, Ireland, D24H940

Tel: (01) 429 5100

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